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Blake's Registered Agents LLC

We have been in business since January 2009. We are a registered agent business. We will be your registered agent for $46.00 per year. Our prices have never changed and will not change. Besides being the registered agent we can also file your annual reports. This is an additional cost. In Idaho it is $25.00 per year, in Colorado it is $35.00 per year. Colorado charges $10.00 per year for their annual reports.

Our company is family owned and this means that you will always get quick personal response on anything you need regarding your filings with the state. We care about your business and will be there whenever you need.

We are a Commercial and a Non-Commercial registerered agent. This means that our hours of operation are longer and that we can get due process of law on a Saturday or a Sunday. When we get notified you will get notifed immediately.

Our Team
James A. Blake | Phone: 208.546.2917

We are a family operation and we look out for our clients. Your business is our business. If your company needs anything regarding legal paper work, or just vendor issues we will let you know the same day we get the information.



 My name is Mark and I am your contact in Colorado. I live in Colorado and my office is in Colorado. I am your registered agent in Colorado. I live in Broomfield so I am not very far from down town Denver.


Mark Carvalho
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We are here to assist. Contact us by phone, email or via our Social Media channels.

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