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Registered Agent Requirements:

A registered agent is a key requirement when starting a business and this includes Idaho and Colorado. Whether you’re starting a LLC, Corporation, Non-profit, or PLLC, you will need to designate and maintain a professional registered agent for your startup. Having a registered agent is a requirement under the laws of each state; they are also your consultants in legal affairs with the State of Idaho and Colorado.

A Registered Agent or Statutory Agent is a third party company who will serve as your representative for the state. Your Registered Agent will help keep everything in check for you so that you can stay compliant with the State.  All Registered Agents are required by law to accept service of process.  Each state has rules regarding the appropriate service of process. Typically, a summons and other related documents can be served upon the Registered Agent.  In some cases, service of process may be effected through the mail as in some small claims court procedures. In some cases, other forms of service may be authorized by procedural rules or court order, including service by publication when an individual cannot be located in a particular jurisdiction. However, if Service of Process is directed by the courts we will notify you immediately, (within 24 hours). We will notify you by email, mail or whatever you request.

To be able to maintain your good standing you must file an annual report every year. Your registered agent will do this for you. In Colorado the cost is $10.00 for the state fee and $25.00 for our fee. In Idaho the cost is $25.00, there is no state fee.  We will also take charge of accepting and receiving your mail and sorting them out and alerting you of any changes in state requirements.

With all the functions of a Registered Agent, one thing’s for sure; we will play a big role in your startup. When hiring a registered agent, make sure that you look into these basic requirements. You can be your own registered Agent if you have a physical address in Idaho  or Colorado.

  1. Must be a resident in the state of Idaho and Colorado.

  2. Must have a street address/business office within the state

  3. Must be available during business hours at 8am to 5pm, Monday through Friday. Must be a Commercial or Non-commercial Company. A company that is registered in the state to do this business in the State.  Our company is a Commercial and Non-Commercial business and we are license in these states.


You may also, look into an agent’s track record and experience by reading feedbacks and clients reviews. We have been in business since February 2009. We have never changed our fee, nor will we.

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